PAARL’s first projects were focused on the integration of indexing activities carried out by its member institutions (in other words, cooperative indexing) and the publication of union catalogs, holdings lists, and guides, in the attempt to facilitate information access to the collection of its member libraries. These cooperative projects resulted in the publication of the following:

• Index to Philippine Periodicals (1974)
• Philippine Union Catalog (1974)
• Philippine Name Headings (1975)
• Union List of Theses (1975-1976 to 1978-1979)
• Compilation of Theses and Dissertations, 1981-1982 (1988)
• Union List of Theses and Dissertations, 1984-1988 (1991)
• Compilation of Graduate Theses, 1983-1984 (1996)
• Union List of Serials on Business and Economics
• Union List of Serials Holdings in Education
• Union List of Serial Holdings in Science and Technology

To inform and update the members, PAARL also published an annual directory and quarterly Newsletter. In 1997 PAARL issued for the first time the PAARL Bulletin, Volume 1, No. 1. It was compiled and edited by Mrs. Veneranda O. Sajorda, with the assistance of Mrs. Maribeth Aguila and Rhoda D. Flores. The bulletin printed the papers presented in the seminars conducted in 1996.

Also, for the first time in the year 2000, PAARL embarked on an ambitious project, The Union Catalog of History Materials on Region I, which was funded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts–National Committee on Libraries and Information Services, then headed by Ms. Fe Angela M. Verzosa, its 2000 President. This database project, approved in 2001 with former President Mrs. Salvacion M. Arlante as project coordinator, covered about 7,000 materials in various formats from here and abroad, with about 10% annotated, and disseminated in CD format, and web-accessible. It was launched at the 2003 Philippine Book Fair held at SM Mega Mall in September.

On June 9, 2000, PAARLNET, a network of academic, school and research libraries, imbued with a desire to formalize the practice among PAARL member-libraries involved in interlibrary lending, was launched with an initial membership of thirty (30) institutional libraries. The membership has grown to about 150 institutional members, and continues to increase. It is hoped that the spirit of cooperation and resource-sharing among libraries will be strengthened with PAARLNET.

In August 2004, again for the first time, PAARL experimented with an innovative consortium acquisition project, the PAARLNET Book Acquisition Consortium Project, to enable member libraries, big and small, to enjoy a guaranteed discount of between 5 to 10% from publishers’ US domestic list prices, and a frequency of from monthly to weekly shipments of books delivered door-to-door free of shipping and handling charges, for a trial period of one year. With a sense of solidarity, PAARL had hoped to achieve better terms and a bargaining leverage with publishers and vendors alike. (The Memorandum of Understanding and the Project Summary was appended to the 2004 directory.)

In the same year 2004, the Association embarked on two very worthy projects, one on a 2-year publication project of a book, Developing an Outstanding Core Collection for College and University Libraries, which may very well serve as a reference tool for CHED in providing a basic list of books required for colleges and universities in the undergraduate programs. By 2006, the project, with Mrs. Florenda D. Mallari as coordinator, has completed bibliographic searching for the first volume on the Social Sciences.

In 2007, the other publication project, Filipiniana Books for College Libraries (A Core Collection of Filipiniana Materials for College Libraries in the Social Sciences) was launched. This 479-paged bibliographical tool for building Filipiniana collection in the social sciences consists of 5000+ citations of significant Filipiniana book titles culled from various sources published on or before 2005, and made available in electronic format in CDROM.

In 2014, one of the culminating activities of the current leadership was the inaugural issue of PAARL Research Journal, a library publication intended as an online forum for library research in the field of Philippine academic and research librarianship, and at the same time, a venue where Filipino academic and research librarians can share library innovations and breakthroughs which will be useful as a springboard for further studies and more research. In addition, this journal  not only aims to serve as an online repository for the creative works and research outputs of our colleagues and members, but also as a documentation on the activities, growth and milestones of our organization.

Also in November of the same year, PAARL launched the workbook on "Cataloging Policy Statements and RDA Guidelines for Philippine Libraries", an off shoot of the RDA training activities and public consultations held by PAARL between the years 2012-2014. This RDA Workbook for Philippine Libraries, a joint project of the association, the National Library of the Philippines, and NCCA-NCLIS, will provide a comprehensive set of instructions on the use of Resource Description and Access (RDA), as the new standard for bibliographic description designed for the digital world.