Hot off the press! Reflections in Time: Celebrating 50 Years of PAARL

This coffee table book outlines the rich history of PAARL, from its foundations to significant challenges and moments of growth and transition. It also pays tribute to the founding pillars of the organization and the people who have shaped the history of the association over half a century ago and, through the years, have made PAARL what it is today.

This book is both a record and a keepsake, with history and memories intertwined in the various accounts, timelines, and photo galleries that capture significant and precious memories of the growth and progress of PAARL through the decades.

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Limited copies will be available during the General Assembly on 26 January 2024 (Friday).

You may also email or call (02) 8425 0313 to order.

— by F. A. Verzosa