Relief and Rehabilitation Grant for Libraries

Guidelines in Providing Grant/Assistance in the Relief and Rehabilitation of Libraries Affected by Disasters


The 2014 Board of Directors created an Ad Hoc Committee referred to as Library Relief and Rehabilitation on February 28, 2014. Its main function is to spearhead fund-raising initiatives for relief, rehabilitation, and community engagement efforts, particularly for institutional members of the Organization (PAARL BR, 2014). A set of guidelines is therefore created to serve as guide in evaluating and assessing the need of the applicants/ potential grantees.

Requirements for Applicants Grant

The applicant should be:

  • an academic or a research library, and,
  • an active institutional member of PAARL, having paid the past three years’ institutional membership fee

How to Avail of the Grant

  1. The applicant should have a request letter addressed to the chair of the committee, stating their need for assistance to rehabilitate the library.
  2. Photos or any proof of document should be attached to this request.

Duties of the Committee and BOD

  1. The Relief and Rehabilitation Committee shall evaluate and assess the needs of the applicant for the grant.
  2. The grant may be in kind or in cash.

For cash grants:

  1. The Committee shall determine the extent of rehabilitation needed and assess the cash equivalence of the damage.
  2. The Committee shall recommend the amount that PAARL shall grant the applicant.
  3. The Committee reserves the right to give priority to an academic or research library with limited source of fund and with more than five years of affiliation to the association as institutional member.
  4. The amount of grant in case of cash will depend on the availability of funds coming from PAARL Rehabilitation Fund.
  5. The Committee chair should present the grant candidate to the Board for approval.
  6. A Board Resolution should be provided for every grant to be given under this committee.
  7. The Committee shall hold the grantee’s representative, preferably the chief librarian, accountable for the grant. A fully documented report, including financial report shall be asked from the representative at least six (6) months after the grant has been given.
  8. The BOD shall see to it that this set of guidelines has been observed.

For books and other library materials grant:

  1. The Committee chair should present the grant candidate to the Board for approval.
  2. Once approved, the Committee shall determine the subject, type, format, and volume of information materials needed by the grantee.
  3. The Committee shall source information materials from member academic or research libraries.
  4. The Committee shall match sourced materials with the applicant’s needs.
  5. The material grants shall be given in the presence of PAARL BOD, Relief and Rehabilitation Committee members, and representatives of the grantee institution.

How to Sustain/ Source out Fund:

  1. The committee on Relief and Rehabilitation shall spearhead fund-raising activities and solicitation of information materials intended for this grant.
  2. Free-of-charge rebates (FOCs) from PAARL international bench-marking tours shall be allocated to this grant.