Latest PAARL Newsletter, hot off the press!

The July – September 2023 issue of the PAARL Newsletter is now released!

The latest issue of the Newsletter contains the biggest story of 2023 for PAARL: The Grand Golden Anniversary Festivities and Awardees. Details of the 50th Anniversary Celebration held at Kingsford Hotel Manila on 19 September 2023, as well as the recipients of the PAARL Special Awards are found in the Newsletter.

Also in the Newsletter are the Marina G. Dayrit Memorial Lecture Series with Dr. Fernan Dizon and Dr. Jessie Barrot, PAARL’s talk at the MIBF 2023 with Ms. Roana Flores, as well as the Call for Papers of the upcoming issue of the PAARL Research Journal. Also included are the regular features such as Institutional and Individual Members and the Membership Details.

Get your latest issue by clicking this link. Older issue of the journal are also available here.