2022 PAARL Library Standards Orientation Presentation


Download presentations from the 2022 PAARL Library Standards Orientation from the links provided.

Date Resource Speaker Assessment Area
  Ms. Fe Angela Verzosa Introduction to 2022 PAARL Library Standards
February 04, 2022 Dr. Briccio M. Merced, Jr. Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives
  Dr. Nora J. Claravall Administration
  Ms. Ma. Cristina B. Villanueva  Financial Resources
  Ms. Ana Maria B. Fresnido Linkages and Networking
February 11, 2022 Ms. Dionisia M. Angeles Human Resources
  Dr. Teresita G. Hernandez-Calma Collection Management
February 18, 2022 Dr. Sonia M. Gementiza Services and Utilization
  Ms. Sharon Maria Esposo-Betan Facilities