Download your copy of the lecture-presentations during PAARL's National Summer Conference 2015 (April 22-24 held at Cagayan de Oro) from these links:…/catalogers-in-the-midst-of-digi……/library-collection-managers…/the-exchange-librarian-a-staff-……/librarians-in-digital-conversat……/the-blended-librarian-asserting……/librarians-as-social-media-lead……/librarians-as-web-developers-ga……/librarians-as-practitionerresea…


RDA Policy and Action Plan for Philippine Libraries (Training Workshop) lectures presented during the two-day PAARL-sponsored Public Consultation and Training Workshop on RDA Policy and Action Plan for Philippine Libraries held at Phela Grande Hotel, General Santos City on 28-29 August 2014, which was replicated in 3 other venues, namely, UST (Mar 27-28), Bacolod City (May 29-30), and Baguio City (June 26-27).
Lectures presented at PAARL's National Training on RDA co-sponsored by NCCA-NCLIS:
  1. RDA & MARC 21 - Dr. Sonia M. Gementiza
  2. Background and Structure of RDA - Mila M. Ramos
  3. FRBR, FRAD, & FRSAD - Corazon M. Nera
  4. Recording Attributes of Manifestation & Item - Rodolfo Y. Tarlit
  5. Recording Attributes of Works & Expression - Ana B. Fresnido
  6. Recording Attributes of Person, Family and Corporate Bodies - Ruben P. Marasigan
  7. Recording Relationships of Person, Family and Corporate Bodies - Corazon M. Nera
  8. Recording Relationships Between WEMI - Corazon M. Nera
  9. Punctuations, Capitalizations, Abbreviations - Susan O. Pador
  10. Proposed Cataloging Policy Statement for Philippine Libraries - Ruben P. Marasigan
Forum Presentations:

Lectures presented at PAARL's National Summer Conference on the theme "Planning, Developing and Managing Digitization & Research Projects for Libraries and Information Centers" (Function Hall of Tourism Center, Coron, Palawan,18-20 April 2012)

Forum Presentations:
Lectures presented at PAARL Academy’s 2-day Modular Training Program on Bibliotherapy Services through Book Prescription Shops in Libraries & Information Centers, held on 19-20 May 2011, at the Librarians’Center of the National Bookstore Superbranch, Cubao, Quezon City

Lectures presented at PAARL's Summer National Conference on the theme "“Library Tourism & Hospitality: The Business of Endearing Philippine Libraries and Information Centers to Publics” (San Antonio Resort, Baybay Beach, Roxas City, Capiz, 27-29 April 2011)

  Forum presentations:


Lectures presented at the Parallel Sessions on Library and Web Services 2011 (Holy Angel Univ, 19-20 August 2010)

Forum presentations:


Lectures presented at PAARL's Conference on the theme "The Power of Convergence: Technology and Connectivity in the 21st Century Library and Information Services" held on Nov. 11-13, 2009 at St Paul College, Pasig City

Lectures/presentations at PAARL's National Seminar-Workshop on the theme “Towards Innovating Technical Services: Viewpoints for Advanced Resources Management” (The National Library, 26-27 August 2009):

Lectures/presentations at PAARL's Summer Conference on the theme: Librarians at their Best: Envisioning and Realizing Multilevel and Progressive Readers Services from April 29-May 1, 2009 held at the Lyceum of Aparri, Macanaya District, Aparri, Cagayan Valley:

Forum presentations:

MIBF Forum on Digital Debates on Archives, Museums and Libraries (held at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, 17 Sept 2009):

Public Forum on “Assessment Techniques and Principles in Applying Standards for Academic Libraries” held on February 5, 2009 at FEATI University Library, Manila