Article 5. Committees




                 The standing committees of the Association are:

 a.        Conference Committee - to plan the short term programs of activities of the Association.

b.       Membership Committee - to screen applicants for membership, with a view of categorizing the same, and make suitable recommendations to the Board.

 c.        Ways and Means Committee - to recommend measures and undertake the same that would provide for the financial viability of the Association.

 d.       Publications Committee - to take charge of the PAARL newsletters and other publications of the Association.

 e.        Law and Legislation Committee - to study all proposed changes in the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws and its statutes and laws of general interest or application, and submit a reports thereon  and, with the approval of the Board, shall represent the Association in supporting or opposing such proposals.

 f.         Awards and Scholarship Committee - the Committee shall recognize individual members of the Association who have made outstanding contribution to library development and shall assist a member librarian to acquire a graduate or postgraduate degree for professional growth.

 g.       Nominations and Election Committee (NOMELEC)  - the NOMELEC shall submit to the Board a list of nominees of PAARL members who have been active for the last three (3) consecutive years at least 3 months before the annual election, but not later than August 31. It shall prepare guidelines to conduct the annual election of the Board of the Directors, and canvass the poll results, which shall be embodied in a report to be submitted to the incumbent Board. This Committee shall be chaired by a past president with five (5) active members who are not candidates in the ensuing election.

                      Election shall be by secret ballot mailed to each voting member at least six weeks prior to the annual election which falls every first week of December. The candidates who receive the largest number of votes shall be deemed elected. In the event of a tie, the Board shall determine winning candidates by secret ballot.

                 Any candidate desiring to contest an election shall, within two days after the announcement of the results of the elections, file with the outgoing Board of Directors, a written protest setting forth the ground therefore. The Board shall decide on the merits of the election protest.

           In case an election shall be declared null and void, the incumbent Board shall hold over until such time that a new Board of Directors is elected and proclaimed.



                 The Board shall create ad hoc committees as it deem necessary.

                 Special committees of the Association shall be established by the President and approved by the Board. These committees shall be responsible to the Board and shall exercise such powers and functions as the Board may invest them.

                 The President shall, with the consent of the Board, appoint the chairmen of all committees from among the Board members except the NOMELEC and Ad-hoc committees. Chairmen and committee members appointed shall be involved in academic and research library work. No member of these committees may serve in excess of three (3)  years.

                 Each committee shall submit to the Board of Directors a written report of its activities during the association year, together with any recommendations considered necessary or advisable.   Additional report may be submitted by a committee as requested by the Board or the President.

                 Sections relating to areas of interest actively represented among members may be established by the Board of Directors. Members of each section shall elect their own chairman.

                 The chairmen of sections and committees may upon invitation of the Board of Directors attend and participate without the right to vote in the meetings of the Board.  They shall represent their interest  in relationship with the Board and shall inform members of decisions and policies affecting their interest.