Article 3. Membership




                 The Association shall have the following as members:

                Regular Members – are licensed librarians who hold bachelor’s and/or master’s degree from a library school or are majors in library/information science from a university, college, or technical school of recognized standing and currently employed in academic and research libraries. All past presidents automatically become regular members but are exempted from paying their membership dues.

                 Associate Members - those former members of the Association and librarians who are not licensed or connected with academic or research libraries but are interested in becoming members of the Association, such members may be appointed to committee work including chairmanship thereof but cannot be elected into office.

                 Institutional Members – are institutions and/or organizations maintaining academic or research libraries and interested in supporting the purpose and objectives of the Association. The representative of an institutional member shall be designated upon payment of its membership due and shall have the rights and privileges of a regular member provided he meets any of the qualifications for regular membership. No more than one representative shall represent an institutional member.

                 Honorary Members - shall be conferred by the Board upon recommendation of the membership committee to retiree-librarians who were former members of the Association and/or have contributed to academic librarianship in the country in general, but they cannot elect nor be elected into office.

                 All members shall  upon payment of appropriate dues, be entitled to selected publications and other services of the Association.



                 The annual membership dues for regular and associate members shall be three hundred pesos (P300.00), and for institutional members one thousand pesos (P1,000.00) subject to increase to be determined by the Board. Honorary Members and all past presidents are exempted from paying the membership dues. (Amended on 27 January 2017)

                 Membership shall cease when dues are not paid but may be reinstated upon payment of the same.



                 Members shall be admitted by the Board of Directors upon recommendation of the membership committee.