Ongoing Projects


Ongoing/Proposed Projects 2009-2011

Proposed projects (as addressed in the inaugural speech of 2014 President, Sharon Ma. S. Esposo-Betan)
1. Revival of PAARL Research Journal
2. Establishment of the Leadership Academy of Librarians
3. Establishment of a perpetual trust fund for library disasters
4. A well-defined operational budget 
5. Continue the RDA training workshops
Priorities (as outlined in the inaugural speech of 2013 President, Sonny Boy T. Manalo)
1. Marketing the association
2. Managing the association's financial resources
3. Increased membership
4. Massive promotion and campaign for the Scholarship Fund
5. Develop future leaders and advocates
Priority needs (as outlined in the Inaugural Address of 2011 President, Roderick Ramos):
1. Increase advocacy and marketing of the Association;
2. Develop and manage the Association’s financial resources;
3. Increase membership; and, 
4. Develop future leaders and advocates.
Aside from continuing projects spearheaded by President Elvira Lapuz, I intend to pursue the following
1. Extend the scholarship program not only to our PAARL members but also to underprivileged High School graduates in the provinces who are willing to take the four year Library Science program in any state college or university in the country. In line with this, holding of career
talks in selected remote secondary schools is proposed
2. Massive promotion and campaign on Scholarship Grants provided by PAARL to its members
3. Creation of Section Committees that will address specific issues and concerns of our members focusing on areas and services like Readers, Technical, Multimedia and Digital, Academic Law and Management and Administration of Libraries
4. Designing of a monitoring mechanism to ensure that every member is given due services and benefits
5. Work for additional privileges that our members, both individual and institutional, may enjoy and avail of
6. For PAARL to become visible in the international community by furthering its collaboration to local and regional library associations.

(Based on the Inaugural Speech of Incoming President, Christopher C. Paras, published in the Newsletter for Jan-March 2010)

1.   Campaign for a wider reach of membership
2.   Continued issuance of the PAARL ID to members
3.   Publish the quarterly issue of the PAARL Newsletter and encourage contributions from members
4.   Update the membership database, assuring accuracy and completeness of pertinent member information
5.   Develop a PAARL website with its own domain
6.   Review and update PAARLNET Memorandum of Agreement to ensure continued relevance of the defined benefits and responsibilities of          member institutions
7.   Continue to market the Filipiniana Books for College Libraries Vol. 1 (both in print and CD-ROM)
8.   Propose for the continuation of the Filipiniana Books for College Libraries (Vol. 2 on the Humanities)
9.   Call for scholarships and thesis assistance grants applications
10. Start working on the revisions and updates of the PAARL Standards which were formulated 10 years ago
11. Consider for further discussion the requests of members from the South for a Regional Chapter of PAARL, this might entail reviewing              PAARL By-Laws and Constitution

(Based on the Acceptance Speech of Incoming President, Elvira B. Lapuz)