• PAARL Research Journal ~ Call for Submissions

    Papers shall qualify for the 2015 Best Research Award.  Details are found here:   PAARL Research Journal (PRJ) is an annual publication for library research in the field of Philippine academic and research librarianship. PRJ serves as an online repository for the creative works and research outputs of academic and research librarians, and as documentation on the activities, growth and milestones of the Philippine Association of Academic/Research Librarians (PAARL).  


    The call is open to all library practitioners/information professionals.  

    1. In addition to standard criteria (such as extensiveness of literature review and references, appropriateness of research data/methods, adequacy of data  analysis and presentation of findings, and consistency of research findings/ conclusions), submissions will be judged on the following criteria:
    2. Potential contribution of the research study (significance and relevance)
    3.  Innovation and originality (i.e. it shows high levels of creativity, fresh thinking and innovation in approach)  
    4. Overall impact (it shows actual or potential impact) 
    5. Special considerations: a) it takes into account the extent to which the research is useful in the promotion of the profession; b) it deals with  problems facing the profession, locally/worldwide 
    1. Full paper should be in Microsoft Word (*.doc or *.docx) and submitted through e-mail to or
    2. Authors must follow the Instruction for Authors (see item 4 below) to be qualified/considered for acceptance.
    3. Authors will be notified after their submissions have undergone the peer review process to be conducted by the Committee
    4. Revisions must be submitted within five (5) days upon receipt of letter/notification inviting a revision.
    5. Authors of accepted papers are required to submit a 300-500 word abstract, which will include the proposed title, the full names and affiliations of all authors, and their contact details. In the case of multiple authors, please specify the author who will be presenting the paper at the forum.
    6. It is understood that by these submissions, permission has been granted to publish the papers on the website and in the PAARL Research Journal.  However, the papers submitted remain with the authors to do as they please.

    ​ The top three (3) authors of accepted papers shall each be given a 20-minute timeslot to present their research outputs during the 4th Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series 2015 to be held on the occasion of The National Book Week.  Author(s) of the winning paper shall receive a cash incentive of Php 10,000.00 and a trophy/plaque of recognition, which will be awarded to him/her/them during the Association's General Assembly in January 2016.  Authors of the other two papers shall receive a cash incentive of Php 5,000.00 for each paper and a trophy/plaque of recognition.  

  • National Summer Conference 2015 (Cagayan de Oro City, 22-24 April 2015)

    Download lecture-presentations here:  

    The Philippine Association of Academic/Research Librarians, Inc. (PAARL) will be holding a three‐day National Summer Conference 2015 with the theme “Transcending Roles of Information Professionals: Going Beyond Concepts, Exceeding Expectations.”

    This professional activity will be held at De Luxe Hotel, Capt. Vicente Roa Street, Cagayan De Oro City on April 22‐24, 2015.    

    • Libraries and information centers in the country are now challenged with the rapidly changing technologies, the advancing methodologies in researches, the continuously increasing volumes of digital information, and the growing diversified information needs and behavior of students and researchers, all in the midst of the era of digital information.  Librarians and information professionals must do something to move alongside with these constantly developing phenomena, thus the need to transcend from the traditional roles of information professionals.     
    • Librarians, library administrators, researchers, faculty and students of LIS are invited to participate in this conference. The conference specifically evolves on the following objectives:
    1. To provide a deep understanding on the new and unconventional concepts in librarianship as results of continuously changing needs in academic and research environments;
    2. To equate  the roles of information professionals with these changing needs; and,
    3. To present several options of transcended roles of information professionals to keep astride with the new concepts in librarianship and to exceed traditional expectations.  

    A CHED memo endorsement is being applied for this conference.   


    The total conference fee is Php6,000.00. Kindly prepare SEPARATE PAYMENTS for the following:  

    1. Registration Fee (Payable to PAARL) of Php3,120.00 ‐ inclusive of conference kit, materials, handouts and certificate. Check payment should be payable to PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION OF ACADEMIC / RESEARCH LIBRARIANS, INC.
    2. Accommodation Fee (Payable to De Luxe Hotel) of Php2,880.00 ‐ inclusive of accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights, with 2 breakfast, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 2 morning and 2 afternoon snacks. Check payment should be payable to DE LUXE HOTEL.     

    Should you wish to bring a companion, kindly arrange his/her accommodation directly with De Luxe Hotel (Contact Person: Ms. Yancy D. Acupan, Email:, Tel. No: (63‐8822) 726527,  Mobile No: 922‐835‐2099).


    The total conference fee of Php5,500.00 inclusive of meals (2 lunches, 2 morning and 2 afternoon snacks), conference handouts and certificates. Check payment should be payable to PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION ACADEMIC / RESEARCH LIBRARIANS, INC.


    The total conference fee of Php5,500.00.  Kindly prepare SEPARATE PAYMENTS for the following:  

    1. Registration Fee (Payable to PAARL) of Php2,620.00 ‐ inclusive of conference kit, materials, handouts and certificate. Check payment should be payable to PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION OF ACADEMIC / RESEARCH LIBRARIANS, INC.  
    2. Accommodation Fee (Payable to De Luxe Hotel) of Php2,880.00 ‐ inclusive of accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights, with 2 breakfast, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 2 morning and 2 afternoon snacks. Check payment should be payable to DE LUXE HOTEL.   


    The total conference fee of Ph5,000.00 inclusive of meals (2 lunches, 2 morning and 2 afternoon snacks), conference handouts and certificates. Check payment should be payable to PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION ACADEMIC / RESEARCH LIBRARIANS, INC.


    To help facilitate your participation, pre‐registration is required. Kindly accomplish this online registration form at and click “Submit”.   

    For inquiries and other details, please contact MICHELLE A. ESTEBAN at 

  • 5th International Library Benchmarking Seoul, South Korea October 16-19, 2014

    5th International Library Benchmarking Seoul, South Korea

    PAARL's library benchmarking tour was held in Seoul, South Korea from 16-19 October 2014 (Thursday to Sunday).

    Why Seoul? On its fifth year of benchmarking libraries within Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, PAARL has chosen the “Land of the Morning Calm”, this former “Hermit Kingdom”, as one of the better cities in the world that has metamorphosed into a world leader when it comes to innovation and cutting-edge technology. Seoul is quite literally one of the most connected cities in the world!

    The overall objective of this benchmarking activity is for our participating libraries and librarians to remain competitive and demonstrate evidence of good practice which will contribute to every Library’s goal to be: 
    • A quality library that is client-focused; 
    • A library that is continually improving its services; 
    • A library that adopts innovative, new ideas and technologies; and 
    • A library that is efficient and effective.

    The tour specifically aims to (1) identify best practices in Korean libraries, in terms of technological, space-planning, and infrastructure development; (2) learn new trends and concepts of library services; (3) observe closely how Korean libraries address today’s issues and challenges in their desire to go digital; (4) foster professional and cultural exchanges between Filipino and Korean librarians; and, (5) establish a linkage with counterpart Korean libraries for future collaborative undertakings.

    Day 1 and 2 activities highlighted our visits to well-selected academic and research libraries, public information centers, and archives, namely : (1) The National Digital Library of Korea (Dibrary) at the National Library of Korea, (2) Yonsei University Library, (3) Seoul Metropolitan Library, (4) Sungkyunkwan University Library, (5) Seoul National University Library, and (6)Gyujanggak Royal Library of SNU.

    The National Library of Korea was established in 1945. It houses over 9.18 million volumes, including over 1,134,000 foreign books and some of the National Treasures of South Korea. Dibrary is a new name for the digital library of the National Library of Korea, which harmonizes nature, humanity, and information. Dibrary is the world’s first hybrid library combining digital and analogue ideas. It consists of “Dibrary Portal,” a virtual space, and a physical service space called “Dibrary Information Commons”. It was opened in May 2009 after seven years of construction. Facilities allow access to over 800 libraries and other institutions around the world, including the U.S. Library of Congress, and a total of more than 264 million pieces of content. Access is available to foreigners.

    Yonsei University Library was founded in 1915, but it was only in 1979 when the new library building (now Yonsei Central Library) was completed, and it has been used as the main library of Yonsei University until 2008.

    In 1990, Yonsei University Library became the first to operate a computerized library system in Korea. To serve its endless efforts in research information, the Library initiated a web-based research system in 1999. In 2001, the Library also systemized a digital library which offers bibliographic information, original texts, non-book media materials, lecture and research information, the internet services, and more. The library upgraded and redesigned its digital library system as well as library webpage in 2005 to provide Yonsei community members with more up-graded academic information services.

    In 2007, Yonsei University Library successfully embarked on the Subject Librarian Services first in Korea and is equipped with high-tech IT environment as well as strengthened digital content management system. With the opening of Yonsei-Samsung Library in 2008, the Library changed its name from the ‘Central Library’ to ‘Yonsei University Library’ to name Yonsei Central Library and Yonsei-Samsung Library together. Yonsei University Library reorganized the setup of departments and added two more divisions and four more sections so that it can integrate and manage these two libraries more effectively. The opening of Yonsei-Samsung Library and the new library system will make Yonsei University Library to become a future-oriented high-tech academic information center.

    The Library’s collections total more than 1.9 million printed works and 16,000 serials. A variety of electronic resources, including 200 academic databases and 62,000 e-journals can be accessed both on and off campus. 

    The former City Hall, that used to be the center of city affairs, is now the main library in Seoul. The Seoul Metropolitan Library offers over 200,000 books, book shelves along 5m-high walls, Disability Collections, and Seoul Documents Collections. It also offers a comprehensive search tool to identify materials among 320 libraries in Seoul. The Library will be the “Information Hub of Seoul and Center of Libraries in Seoul” and “Representative Library in Seoul” that creates and implements programs for the libraries in Seoul.

    In addition, the library restored the outer wall, halls, and the main stairway of the former City Hall that had been built in 1926, symbolizing the historical heritage of Seoul.

    Because the Dibrary opens at 10am, the group visited the Kimchi School after a hearty breakfast at Cheongha Restaurant. Here we learned the traditional way of making Kimchi. The Kimchi School offers kimchi-making classes guided by a professional kimchi instructor. Participants can taste the kimchi they make, have it packed up, and take it home with them. People may also choose the option of learning how to make tteokbokki along with kimchi. In the same place, we were shown different ways of wearing the traditional Hanbok that Koreans wear on formal occasions. With curves that flow like ripples in the water and woven in a rich tapestry of colors, the hanbok is a thing of splendid, yet simple, beauty. So everyone had fun having their pictorials wearing Hanbok complete with headgear.

    For more photos, see links below:

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3



  • Staying Relevant: Understanding Self-Directed Learning (MIBF Forum, Sept 17)

    Would you like to know how you can stay relevant as an information professional?

    Would you like to know how you can increase your learning capacity through self-directed modes of instruction?

    Wouldn't it be nice to know that you can develop professionally in an environment other than that you have come to know about?

    Find out how.

    Come to the 3rd Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series happening on Wednesday, 17 September 2014, 1PM at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City!

    Download your official invitation at, or here.

    For those interested in having a digital copy of the lecture delivered by Ms. Carina Samaniego at the recent MIBF forum hosted by PAARL last Sept 17, here is the pdf copy available at this link:

  • Use of Mobile Apps: Harnessing E-Resources and Services in Libraries and Information Centers

    The Philippine Association of Academic/Research Librarians, Inc. (PAARL), is pleased to invite you to its 2nd Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series 2014 with the topic, “Use of Mobile Apps: Harnessing E-Resources and Services in Libraries and Information Centers”. This professional activity will be held on 10 July 2014, 1:00PM to 4:00PM at SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. Forum theme will specifically evolve on the following objectives: (1) to develop awareness among librarians and information professionals on how to harness mobile applications/technologies in marketing library’s e-resources and services;(2)  to recognize the practical applications of mobile applications/technologies in enhancing library’s information services; and(3)  to help plan or develop strategies in the integration of mobile applications/technologies in library’s day to day operations and in interacting/connecting with its clientele remotely. Registration will start at 12:00 noon with a registration fee of Php300.00 for members, Php350.00 for non-members and Php200.00 for students to cover for light snack and certificate. You can download the invitation here: You may also renew and apply for membership during the forum. Fees are at Php200.00 for individual and Php500.00 for institutional members. More information about membership will also be available at the registration/secretariat's desk. Download the lecture presentation here:

  • An Afternoon of Coffee &Tea with Library Partners

    Last 12 March 2014, the PAARL, led by its Officers, hosted a thanksgiving cocktail for our donors and library partners dubbed as “An Afternoon of Coffee & Tea with Library Partners”. It became an avenue to express our heartfelt gratitude to the invaluable support our library partners have graciously poured over the Association over the past years and at the same time, became an opportunity to forge a more fruitful partnership for the future activities of the Association.The show of support was truly overwhelming! It was worth all the bottomless coffee and tea smile emoticon We wish to thank the following library partners for making this simple gathering a success:1. Academic Book Sales2. American Technologies, Inc.3. Belview Co., Inc.4. C & E Publishing5. CD Books International, Inc.6. CE-Logic7. Cengage Learning8. EBSCO Publishing9 . EISI (Electronic Information Solutions, Inc.)10. Emerald Headway Dist.11. F & J de Jesus12. Fastbooks Educational Supply13. Fel Bien Marketing14. Forefront Book Co.15. Golden Books Services16. Goldenrey Direct Marketing17. Great Books Trading18. High Access Line19. IBC Book Consolidators, Inc.20. John Wiley & Sons21. Lib. Tech Source Phils.22. Linar Educational Materials23. Magazine Zone, Inc.24. Maxcor Publishing25. Megatexts Phils.26. Mindmovers Pub. House27. National Book Store28. New Century Books29. Nexlight Corp.30. Omnibooks International31. Philmont Academic Solutions32. REX Bookstore33. SERV Enterprises34. Springer35. Universal Magazine Exchange 

  • “InfoSMART: Information Skills for Creatives”

    The 1st Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series 2014: “InfoSMART: Information Skills for Creatives”
    Date: February 28, 2014, 1:00-4:00 pm 
    Venue: The Learning Commons, De La Salle University, Taft Ave., Manila
    View the photos taken during the forum here.  


  • 41st General Annual Assembly

    The 41ST General Assembly, Induction/Awarding Ceremonies of the Philippine Association of Academic/Research Librarians, Inc. were held on January 30, 2014 at the Epifanio Delos Santos Auditorium, 6th Floor National Library of the Philippines, T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila from 8:00 am to 12:00 nn. The keynote speaker and inducting officer was former President Rodolfo Y. Tarlit, University Librarian of the UP Diliman Libraries.The 2013 Awardees were:Lifetime Achievement Award : BELEN M. VIBAROutstanding Academic/Research Library : SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Outstanding Academic/Research Library Program : INFORMATION LITERACY FOR THE DUMAGATS (LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES UNIVERSITY LIBRARY)Outstanding Academic/Research Librarians : LORETO T. GARCIA and MICHAEL S. PINTOProfessional Service Award : SONIA M. GEMENTIZACONGRATULATIONS TO THE PAARL 2014 EXECUTIVE OFFICERS!President Sharon Ma. S. Esposo-BetanUP College of EngineeringDiliman, Quezon CityVice President Rina H. DiaronSaint Louis UniversityBonifacio St., Baguio CitySecretary Christine M. AbrigoDe La Sale UniversityTaft Ave., ManilaTreasurer Rosalinda P. RoblesSan Beda CollegeMendiola, ManilaAuditor Enrique M. Gungon Jr.St. Paul UniversityGilmore St., Quezon CityPRO Maribel A. EstepaTechnological Institute of the Phils. Casal, Manila / Cubao, Quezon CityBoard of Directors Marcial R. BatiancilaSan Sebastian College - Recoletos DeCaviteSta. Cruz, Cavite CityCielito DR. SantosBulacan State UniversityMalolos City, Bulacan Purita P. UsonPhilippine Women's UniversityTaft Ave., Malate, Manila.